Alligator River to Adams Creek

By day's end, we'd motor-sailed Spartina 74 miles along the intracoastal waterway (ICW) from Blackwater Creek in Virginia to the lower Alligator River. Under a twilight December sky, I set the anchor in 10 ft. of water just south of Tuckahoe Point. Here we slept soundly all night. At first light the next morning, we … Continue reading Alligator River to Adams Creek

Leak evaluation

Saying "my boat has no leaks" equals saying "I've never lied". Some leaks show up soon after the topside gets wet. Other leaks take time to show up. Aboard Spartina, water collecting on the cabin sole below the mast collar meant it's time to replace the mast boot. Water stains around port lights and deadlights … Continue reading Leak evaluation